Time is Right but Time is Tight

It’s happened again. Same time every year. I start off with every intention of dedicating more time to my spring fishing but the reality is, time has beaten me again!

You see, in my line of business, this is the busiest time of year and coupled with some family milestones in May and June, it has meant time for fishing has been tight to say the least.

Anyway, after that little moan I can recap on what has happened in the last four weeks.

The last days of April saw me spending a few hours on my local gravel pit after the Tench. This has been very enjoyable over the previous few weeks and this day was no different.

Setting up in a narrow swim fishing Maggot Feeder on one rod and Method Feeder on the other, I managed two fish. 

Maggot Feeder with Worm Hair Rig
Method Feeder with Mini Boilie
Four Pounder to the Worm Maggot Feeder
6lb 12oz Tench

Both caught using worm hair rigs with maggot and chopped worm in the feeder. Fishing no more that one rod length out meant I was also able to loose feed a few maggots accurately over the the spot.

Mid May saw my mate Craig and I head up to Oxfordshire on our annual visit to fish for Tench at Linear Fisheries Hardwick Lake.

This is always a very enjoyable couple of days, mainly focused on the social side of fishing, but always serious about catching one of the lakes largest Tench. This year was a little more challenging than usual but I managed a Tench to 7:08 lb and Carp to mid double. Losing what felt like a bigger Tench in the weed was frustrating, but when faced with fishing this type of weedy gravel pit, loosing the odd fish can happen.

Carp are always possible so tackle has to be up to it
Target Species 7lb 8oz

Tackle and bait selection was similar to the approach used at my local gravel pit and I will write a separate blog about this in the near future.

Needless to say hair rigged worm with chopped worm and groundbait in the feeders was the winning combination again.

The last few days in May found myself and the family travelling down to Cornwall to celebrate my mothers birthday. It was an opportunity to get out on the boat and dust off the lure rods. Again, the window of opportunity was small and the boat was full but we did enjoy ourselves getting into the Pollock. Sadly no Bass were located, but it was very enjoyable to see Henry get the first fish of the day. This set the tone for the next couple of hours.

Henry starts off the fun with first fish
Pollock All The Way
Great Day On The Boat

With the 16th of June only round the corner I am looking forward to getting onto the rivers and hope that my busy work and social calendar opens up for me!

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